The Soos

A game of darts or table tennis? Enjoy listening to music? Socializing with roommates and assistants? Watch that important game? Do you exhibit musical arts on stage? Welcome to the Soos of the Golden sun!


Relaxation at the Golden Sun

The cosy Soos of the Golden Sun is a place where you can relax. It's our house mates! A nice meeting place to spend your free time in. In the evening and at the weekend, the Soos offers space for conviviality and fun, music, a snack and a drink.


Where is that party? Here's that party!

Of course, the necessary parties are also organized on the Golden Sun. This can be a birthday, but also a dart competition, an evening of music or listening, together watching an important sports competition, a tasting evening with all sorts of tasty snacks... At the Golden Sun We do love a party!


Do you have a cozy idea? We discuss it and make it a fun event together. The Soos has a podium, a music system, a relaxed lounge corner, games, a dart board, a ping pong table, etc. Here we entertain ourselves!