"Within the Golden Sun Foundation, we believe that every human being, with or without limitation, is a full-fledged human being with unique value. A person with a disability has the same rights as any other person. Through openness we can learn from each other. As a community and care farm, we want to bridge the gap between professionalism and dealing with one another, from human to human. "

We also want to deal with each other in the Golden Sun. We want to work together and live on the basis of love and equivalence. No man is perfect. There are people with disabilities and people with shortcomings. There is no difference. We are all valuable people.


Core Values The Golden Sun

Our core values are kindness, equivalence, integration, independence and making something beautiful together. Respect for yourself, the other, the animals, the plants and the Earth. Everything is interconnected and needs each other. We want to be transparent, next to each other and as friends interact with each other. This way we can be part of society from a safe living environment. In Our work we pay a lot of attention to quality and professionalism. The ideals of Jos and Anneke van Loon and the ideas of Jean Vanier together form the vision of Stichting De Gouden Zon.

Spirituality & Awareness

In the Golden Sun we want to pay attention to the inner man. For every weekday breakfast a roommate or assistant lights up a candle. A wish is then pronounced. What do you dream, what do you feel, what do you want? If you want, you can speak. You and your dreams may be there.
After breakfast we start our working day with a blow on the gong. We Listen together to how this particular sound is being wegebt. Where does it go? Listen! And then suddenly it's quiet. Completely silent. That moment draws our attention to the here and now. We are present here. We live consciously. We can be there and make something beautiful together with each other. Something to be thankful for.