Welcome to The Golden Sun

Rest. Space. Respect. Conscious life. But also: conviviality. Get started together. At the Golden Sun in Borger, located in beautiful Drenthe!

The Golden Sun is a small-scale community for people with and without disabilities. A residential and care farm where we want to live, work and live together as equals. Escorts and roommates are next to each other. As friends.


Living Community The Golden Sun

On The Golden Sun in Borger we want to live together as a kind of family. We have two houses where roommates live, Panta Rhei and Orbis Vitae. Panta Rhei is the home of 9 housemates. In the house Orbis Vitae Live 5 roommates.


Leisure time, visit & Holidays

In the evening and at the weekend we are free and we make it cozy in the communal living room or in the Soos. Music, a snack and a drink belong to this! Those who like it can withdraw to their own room. Need a visit or a holiday? In the golden sun we are so flexible as to allow your possibilities.


Guidance and care

The roommates are assisted in living and working by assistants (escorts). They want to be next to the roommates to live together as friends, to work and to learn from each other. An individual guidance plan is drawn up for each roommate. Usually it is cooked by an assistant, who is often helped by one or more roommates. Together we keep everything neat and clean.

Our Care Farm offers professional guidance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Every part of the day there is an assistant and after 22:30 hours the sleep Guard is available for emergencies.

You are unique!

There really is no one like you. You are unique! What are your talents and where is your interest? Can you work independently or are you a real teamplayer? Are you socially strong, do you like to work with animals, do you have green fingers or are you handy with tools? Together we find out. On our care farm in Borger you get all the space to discover and develop your talents.


Which work suits you?

At the Golden Sun you work at your own level and at your own pace. There are lots of different things to do at our care farm in Borger! In addition, every season brings new work, possibilities and ideas with them. When distributing the tasks, we take into account your wishes, skills and experience. You can make your voice heard and let your talent speak!


Wide range of daily activities

On our care Farm we work on working days from 9:00 to 16:00 hours. The Green Day spend means you work in and with nature. This not only brings nature to fruition. Also yourself! Maybe the technical day-spending is something for you? Our care farm in Borger is of course enough work! Do you like beautiful things that make people happy? Then we often see you back in the creative day-to-days.

Working together on the care farm

We start our working day with a work consultation, taking into account your wishes and talents. Of course the coffee and lunch breaks are not lacking. But also in between there is time and space to talk and rest. In the golden Sun we work cannot production focused. We have other goals. You work at your own level and at your own pace. At the end of the afternoon we evaluate our work.


General goals of the Golden Sun

  1. Together We form a community
  2. Living, working and living together. As Equals and as friends.
  3. Social interaction with each other and the animals
  4. Space for every individual to develop
  5. Learn from each other and stimulate each other
  6. Organic food Remodeling and eating
  7. Sustainable Life (permaculture)


Within the Golden Sun we are currently working on expanding and specifying these goals. This will clearly identify the competences we offer.