About Us

Founding the Golden Sun

Jos and Anneke van Loon are working at 't Ruige Veld, a children's and youth Psychiatric Clinic of Accare in Rolde, when they decide to start a community in 2000. Both have over 45 years of experience in the profession and are inspired by the ideas of

L’Arche International Communities.


Our Vision

The vision arises that people with disabilities are entitled to a more personal and equivalent approach and guidance. When you deal with each other from man to person and live together as roommates, friendship and warmth arise. We can learn from each other, stimulate each other to grow. That is two-way traffic.


Spirituality & Awareness

In the Golden Sun we want to pay attention to the inner man. For every weekday breakfast a roommate or assistant lights up a candle. A wish is then pronounced. After breakfast we start by sounding the gong. We Listen together to how this particular sound is being wegebt. Where does it go? Listen! And then suddenly it's quiet. That moment draws our attention to the here and now. We live consciously on this beautiful globe. We can be there and make something beautiful together with each other. Something to be thankful for.


Organic and sustainable life

The earth gives. Give back to the earth and she gives it again, in a multitude. On the Golden Sun, we consciously focus on sustainable living and we try to set up and maintain a permaculture culture. We strive to be self-sufficient as much as possible. We are a biological care farm and offer place for WOOFFers.


Quality and experience

The Golden Sun stands for quality, professionalism and personal attention. Our entire team is qualified and very experienced in working with people with intellectual disabilities or mental disorder. Jos and Anneke van Loon can both build on more than 45 years of experience. The Golden Sun has been registered as a certified care farm since April 2013 and bears the quality label of the National Quality System Federation for Agriculture



The Golden Sun: friendliness and customization

The team of the Golden Sun is ready daily with kindness, attention and enthusiasm for roommates with and without limitation. As assistants, as friends we want to accompany the roommates on the basis of equality. A professional guidance plan is tailor-made for each individual.



Jos and Anneke van Loon can now build on more than 45 years of experience in working with people who have a mental disability or a psychological disorder. In our work we as a team pay a lot of attention to quality and professionalism.


Which working community (Care Farm) do you choose?

The number of care farms rises. Which community or care farm do you choose? How can you be sure you get quality when it comes to care and guidance? Choose a care farm that works with an evaluated quality system and has a certification mark. At the Golden Sun in Borger you are in any case good!


Quality and Hallmark

The Golden Sun offers good, professional care and guidance, 24 hours a day. Each individual receives a tailor-made professional guidance plan. And we are proud of that! The quality of our system has been extensively reviewed and positively assessed. Since April 2013, the Golden Sun has been registered as a certified care farm and bears the quality label Landelijk Kwaliteitssysteem Federatie Landbouw & Zorg (National Quality System Federation Agriculture & Care).


Certifications The Golden Sun is also Ambassador of Cittaslow. Cittaslow is the international hallmark for municipalities up to 50,000 inhabitants who belong to the top in the field of environment, landscape, regional products, hospitality, environment, infrastructure, cultural history, and preservation of identity. In addition, we are affiliated with BEZINN (farmer and Zorgnoord-Nederland), an organization that ensures that people with a care demand get to the best place and, if necessary, provide support with knowledge in this field.




More information

In the Golden Sun we have a clear vision. We are intensively engaged in permaculture and choose organic and sustainable life. Furthermore, we as Whost (host) offer room for WOOFFers. The principle of WOOFF is that volunteers work with us in exchange for learning opportunities, costs and indwelling.


The Houses


On the Golden Sun we want to live together as a family. There are two houses Panta Rhei and Orbis Vitae.


Living together in our communities

We eat and talk together, and make sure our house is cozy and tidy. In addition to our green, technical and creative work on the care farm, we also have some useful and necessary tasks, such as cleaning up, vacuuming and washing off. But in the evening and on weekends we do what we feel like. Then there is room for relaxation. A conversation, a game, or you're plodding on the couch to watch television in our cozy living room. We also regularly build a party in our Soos.


Panta Rhei has a communal living room, kitchen and hall. The house has a spacious bathroom with bath and shower and has three toilets. Upstairs there are seven bedrooms. In addition, the House has a separate section that is suitable for protected independent living. It is a complete apartment for 2 people with a living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and toilet.


In the house Orbis Vitae There is also an entrance hall, a kitchen and a communal living room. There is also a bathroom, 6 bedrooms plus a bedroom for the night watch.


Your own place at the Golden Sun

Need some time for yourself? Of course! Every roommate has their own room to be able to withdraw.  In Panta Rhei is place for 9 housemates; The rooms are not suitable for disabled people. In Orbis Vitae There is space for 6 housemates. Each bedroom has a washbasin, a telephone and a lock on the door.

In the golden sun we respect each other's opinion, privacy and property. These unwritten rules keep us all.


Guidance and care

The roommates are supported by Assistants (escorts). They want to be next to the roommates to live together as friends, to work and to learn from each other. An individual guidance plan is drawn up for each roommate. Our Care Farm offers professional guidance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Every part of the day there is an assistant and after 22:30 hours the night shift is available for emergencies.


Open Spot Living Drenthe

Is there another open spot for living on the Golden sun in Drenthe?

Are we full? Then there is always the possibility to put yourself on the waiting list of our communities in beautiful Drenthe. Feel free to come by to look around, or come and enjoy a day of fun! You are welcome.