The target group

The Golden Sun Foundation is a community and working community (Care Farm) where people with and without

Restrictions or impairment based on love and equivalence work together and live.


Community and working community (Care Farm)

We live together in our community and work jointly on our care farm. From a safe environment, we can be part of the society together.


Together: with and without restriction

Our community is intended for people with and without a mild to moderate mental disability and/or mental disorder, such as various forms of ASD, susceptibility to Psychosen or manic depression. We want to deal with each other with respect and not pose a danger to each other. For aggressive or undesirable (sexual) behavior is not a space. Furthermore, we are a drug-free community.


The Golden Sun also offers space for people with problems that are more general, such as adhesion problems, psychosocial problems or people who are long-term unemployed or have come into contact with justice or addiction in the past.


Indication for Living

To be able to live in our community and be professionally supervised within the Golden sun you need a valid indication: you are at least 18 years of age and have a care gravity package VG 3-6 or protected living.


Goal: Learn from each other

We are very much aware that we are all equal. Our vision is that we, as people, have the same rights and are all valuable. We can learn from each other as people.